Safe Mind

A comprehensive BigData and AI solution

Safe Mind

SafeMindis a solution able to treat "information" and understand its associated phenomena.

Safemind "turnkey" architectural solution that, through the re-modulation of components, depending on the "Data Domain" to be analyzed, allows to specialize analytical and predictive functions also with Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models exploiting the peculiarities of Artificial Intelligence, able to process and analyze both historical data and in realtime and near-realtime.

Fast, Secure, Scalable and Reliable, SAFEMIND is able to capture, integrate and analyze both structured and un structured data.

The data sources source of the information, can be the most diverse, you can go from the acquisition of content from the Darkweb to social sources on the Clearweb, up to data sent by a weather sensor, a surveillance camera or coming from a medical device. The added value comes from the methodology used by Sferanet for the processing of the acquired data which, passing through the different processes of organization, aggregation, classification, cleanliness, quality and inference allows to have in output the representation of the information as a result of the data processing process.


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