SFERANET has always worked with its customers to achieve concrete objectives, to help them put their vision into practice and create tangible value.

 Thanks to the knowledge of the different market sectors, the skills available on a global scale and the consolidated experience, it can leverage people, skills, alliances and the most suitable technologies for every need with the aim of helping its customers to  reach a leadership that lasts over time by establishing a relationship based on trust and collaboration.

 With many of them SFERANET has been working for over a decade now and offers itself as a flexible and proactive partner for all, guaranteeing its constant commitment to providing its customers with high-tech quality solutions, thanks to solutions aimed at seeking maximum satisfaction.  of the customer and based on open, transversal and independent technological choices.

 The company is made up of experienced and qualified professionals with diversified skills to offer the market complete solutions and respond effectively and proactively to the requests of a dynamic sector such as IT.

 Here are some of the main customers who have decided to entrust their IT systems to the competence and professionalism of SFERANET.

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