Take Care

Take Care is our SOLUTION

 Sferanet, a leading company in the System Integration and Digital Transformation of its customers, has created a proprietary solution: TakeCare

 This platform, through Artificial Intelligence models, makes available to people, a Virtual Medical Assistant, an Avatar, able to monitor real time, predict and diagnose.

 Take Care can be customized for any type of need requested by the individual or by communities.

 An example is Take Care Covid -19 the App born with the current health emergency.

 The Covid 19 TakeCare App can be used by all citizens to report their symptoms to the competent authorities, through the privileged channel of the APP, thus avoiding long telephone waits (general practitioner, 1500, 112, ASL). Thanks to the APP, citizens can receive assistance in the event of conditions worsening.

 The patient can manually and easily enter the following data in the APP:

 ● temperature

 ● oxygen saturation in the blood

 Heart rate

 ● other symptoms (cough, headache, sore throat, joint pain, etc ...)

 The goal of Sferanet is to offer technological support to all institutions involved in contrasting, monitoring and assistance.

 The platform is intended for general practitioners, patients, laboratory operators responsible for verifying the positivity to the infection.

 Through standardization in data entry, we will have an immediate analysis of the health situation relating to the ongoing emergency, making it possible to monitor the individual and the community of the competent local and national authorities.

 Not only that, the Take Care solution boasts an integrated approach that can be customized according to the needs and context required, also to encourage the recovery of production activities in safety, guaranteeing all the necessary measures to protect workers and the company in the PHASE  2 NEW NORMAL.

 By means of Take Care COVID19, companies will be able to implement an access control system to production rooms and offices to guarantee COVID Free environments.

 Our challenge is to support our customers by providing resources, technologies and innovations to allow everyone to START SAFELY.

 Having these multiple fields of application, Take Care can be designed for one use:


 It is a tool that provides indexes related to the state of health or degree of exposure of the users of the app


 It provides the degree of exposure to the risk to which a user has been subjected

 The tools that can be used to collect data are manifold below some examples:

 How does the APP work?  Through an AI algorithm that analyzes the data:

 In addition, the platform is characterized by the presence of a management and control dashboard:



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